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Tony AlvarezPlant OperationsMaintenance Technician<DIV class=word>talvarez2</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6106
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Richard BetancourtPlant OperationsMaintenance Technician - Fort Myers<DIV class=word>rbetancourt</FONT></DIV>800-466-0019 x7810
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Skip CampPlant OperationsDirector of Facilities & Campus Safety<DIV class=word>bcamp</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6209
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Melanie HarrisonPlant OperationsFront Desk Reception<DIV class=word>mharrison</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017
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Felipe PadillaPlant OperationsFacilities Manager - Fort Myers<DIV class=word>fpadilla</FONT></DIV>800-466-0019 x6205
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David SanchezPlant OperationsFacilities Manager - Naples<DIV class=word>dsanchez1</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6229
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Jeanette VargasPlant OperationsFront Desk Manager - Fort Myers<DIV class=word>jvargas2</FONT></DIV>800-466-0019
Jenesis VasquezPlant OperationsFront Desk Reception<DIV class=word>jvasquez</FONT></DIV>800-466-0019
Erica VogtPlant OperationsExecutive Vice President of Administrative Operations<DIV class=word>evogt</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6221