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Marie CollinsOffice of the PresidentSenior Vice President of Academic Affairs<DIV class=word>mcollins3</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x7705
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Karen KaravitisOffice of the PresidentInstitutional Research Manager<DIV class=word>kkaravitis</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6218
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John D. MeyerOffice of the PresidentPresident<DIV class=word>jmeyer</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6232
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Eve OlveraOffice of the PresidentAssistant to Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs<DIV class=word>eolvera</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6126
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Valerie PedenOffice of the PresidentAssistant to the Dean, Fisher School of Technology<DIV class=word>vpeden</FONT></DIV>800-466-0019 x7755
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Margaret RileyOffice of the PresidentProgram Coordinator, Center for Lifelong Learning<DIV class=word>mriley</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6143
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Gail WilliamsOffice of the PresidentChief Diversity Officer<DIV class=word>gwilliams</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6135
Marian WoodOffice of the PresidentExecutive Assistant to the President<DIV class=word>mwood1</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6284
Thelma WoodardOffice of the PresidentDirector of Assessment<DIV class=word>twoodward</FONT></DIV>800-466-8017 x6157